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  • Ten Top 10 Lists I Don’t Want to See to End 2010

    Top 10 places you made out with your smoking hot wife. I know she’s a stone cold fox. But keep your special sauce under wraps, OK? Top 10 iPhone apps you used on the can. There’s a good chance your #1 app while making a #2 is Angry Birds. Oh, the irony. Top 10 Christian […]

  • Perspective

    That’s what 2010 has been about. My life was turned upside down multiple times in the past 12 months. All of which I’m entirely grateful for. Haiti – On January 12th, as news flooded in that much of Port-au-Prince had crumbled in an earthquake, I prayed a crazy prayer. I asked God to comfort those […]

  • Facilitating Independence

    Strong opinion warning. I’m not a fan of adult children living at home. It’s one thing if you’re on break from school and you’re a temporary visitor. It’s another thing when you’re able bodied. I’d even argue that the best thing for 18 year olds staying local for community college would be to kick them […]

  • Never a year like ’09

    This was a little too rough for the YS Blog. So, before you press that play button just realize this is rated PG and not G. Gracias.