Sweet Home, Alabama?

Last August, I wrote a post “What’s Happening in Alabama?” In that post I drew attention to proposed legislation that would make every citizen and every police officer in Alabama an immigration official. In short, it would make it illegal to do business with someone who is undocumented. (Pay them, drive them somewhere, rent a…… Continue reading Sweet Home, Alabama?

What is Happening in Alabama?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCZ0xSBjeEw This video is shocking. It makes me wonder, “Have the people of Alabama learned anything from the civil rights movement?” Here’s the full content of the law. Listen carefully to the statement. They have taken the Arizona law and added to it more stringent requirements. Essentially, you have to provide a state issued ID…… Continue reading What is Happening in Alabama?

Mike Harding was in the house

Yesterday Mike Harding filled the pulpit at Romeo. It was fun to see Mike again and hear about his new ministry, 831 House. Here’s a little video about their ministry in Gulf Shores.  Mike was the guy who convinced Kristen and I to relocate to Romeo just over five years ago. Shortly thereafter he felt…… Continue reading Mike Harding was in the house