Mike Harding was in the house

Yesterday Mike Harding filled the pulpit at Romeo. It was fun to see Mike again and hear about his new ministry, 831 House. Here’s a little video about their ministry in Gulf Shores. 

Mike was the guy who convinced Kristen and I to relocate to Romeo just over five years ago. Shortly thereafter he felt strongly like he needed to leave the church and go back to help the family business. As he said yesterday, even when he did that he wasn’t entirely sure what God was up to. None of us were.

Here’s a little video about what Mike and Cynthia do. 

WKRG.com Video





2 responses to “Mike Harding was in the house”

  1. Brian Eberly Avatar

    What a great ministry. That is seeing a need and meeting it!

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    Brian, totally agree. My favorite part of their ministry is that they give visiting students bikes. Some of them are stuck in housing 4-5 miles from town and this little gift makes their life so much more pleasant. (Gulf Shores in the summer is hot!)

    It may not be the biggest ministry in the world, but like you said… they saw the need and nailed it.

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