Customer Service Matters

When it comes to customer service, it matters. It is one of those things that I have always been quick to notice… and lately I’ve come across some amazing examples of it. In the past 30 days I’ve received remarkable, incredible, stellar…. unbelievable service from several companies I have new relationships with. Stunning! Observation: Start-ups…… Continue reading Customer Service Matters

Powered by the Letter “I”

Two things dominated our Saturday. Ikea and iPhones. Actually, on the way to this epic fun we had lunch at In & Out Burger. I’m not a cult-fan of the burger joint but it was quick, easy, and not McDonald’s. Ikea: There’s a pretty strong irony in our trip yesterday. When we moved across country…… Continue reading Powered by the Letter “I”

$200 Asterisk for the iPhone 3G

If you are like me you didn’t notice the tiny asterisk in this image. But there is one. Do you see it? This morning I intended on lining up at the Partridge Creek Apple Store to upgrade both of my AT&T phones to the smoking hot iPhone 3G.  Since I’ve been a loyal AT&T customer since…… Continue reading $200 Asterisk for the iPhone 3G

Geek Tool: Turn your smartphone into a mobile wireless router

I have an ultra-swanky Smartphone. You know, one of those devices you see people carry around and you think… I’d like to be surfing the internet too! It takes 2 megapixel pictures, connects nicely to my Outlook, and a whole bunch of other nice features. But there was one thing it didn’t do that I’ve…… Continue reading Geek Tool: Turn your smartphone into a mobile wireless router