You Will (AT&T ads from 1993)

Intrigues the conspiracy theorist in me. Imagine how smart I would be if I could go back and make a commercial that everyone thinks they saw 30 years ago predicting everything we are currently doing.

Good idea?

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  1. Peter Marin Avatar
    Peter Marin

    Have you ever thought you’d be able to … ___[fill in the blank]___ is a creative starting point that these commercials tap into using everybody’s daily routine.

    It’s the basis of most Sci-Fi stories, the classic being Star Trek TOS. The launching out from today into potential alternative paths is the blurry line between fiction and fantasy. Each vignette showed the viewer a portrayal of what such an alternative possibility might look like that causes the images to be sharpened by our own expectations and excitement for a ‘better tomorrow.’ ATT posted hopeful, family-based improvements for taking care of business, child-care, travelling and healthcare.

    When ATT gazed out from 1993 using their technology, it wasn’t so much new innovation as much as system integration from improved applications that would need to be bolt-on into existing databases. All the world needs is an integrated GUI. After a quick check I found at:
    “By 1927 AT&T had created its earliest electromechanical videophone, called an ikonophone (Greek: ‘image-sound’ )” Obvioulsy, ATT had much to offer and their search for innovation was underminded by the political machinery called, government, that broke apart what to many wasn’t broken.

    Let’s totally embrace our techno-Geeks without further gov’t manipulation! Can we find the best, the brightest and strongest solution for societal evolution without corrupting the perfect symmetry of unmet needs to connect with real creative opportunities?

    Technology as a tool can help us shrink the relative distance between users, but doesn’t address the deeper, richer and far more important issues of character, divine nature and the higher calling of God for His Goodness. How can we find this point of intersection with humanity’s daily routines that will not manipulate people, but elevate all of our expectations, hopes, desires to find lasting fellowship with our neighbors in His love.

  2. Bradley Buhro Avatar

    Kinda like the Lot’s-O-Huggin Bear “commercial” that Pixar seeded onto Youtube in advance of Toy Story 3?

    My favorite comment I’ve heard on this video so far is that the only prediction AT&T got wrong was who was going to bring us all these innovations. 😉

  3. adam mclane Avatar

    @peter- I love the Christ-centeredness of your comment. Your comments always make me think and add beautifully to the conversation!

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