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  • Lessons from the Cloud

    I have a fundamental belief that the problems we experience in church leadership are technologically based. It’s not that we have the wrong mission or wrong people, it’s often that we are working on the wrong technologies. (Programs, agendas, projects) You might not see the connections between this presentation and your church. But the parallels […]

  • Left alone, you are weird

    Our society celebrates the lone wolf. We have a unique ability to pin the success or failure of a group effort on an individual. Drew Brees led his team to a win. All Stephen Spielberg films are brilliant. Thomas Edison invented thousands of things. Barak Obama is the most powerful leader in the world. Bill […]

  • New is dangerous, old is noble

    The flood of print has turned reading into a process of gulping rather than savoring.  ~Warren Chappell (1904-1991) I find that people have a curious attitude towards new ways of doing things. If I were to tell you that part of my job is to remain informed by reading journals on the study of adolescence, […]

  • You Will (AT&T ads from 1993)

    Intrigues the conspiracy theorist in me. Imagine how smart I would be if I could go back and make a commercial that everyone thinks they saw 30 years ago predicting everything we are currently doing. Good idea? HT to Gavin

  • Interview with Youth Worker Journal

    A few months back I was contacted by Jennifer Bradbury at Youth Worker Journal about doing an interview on teens & technology. I’ve done a number of articles for Immerse, but this was the first thing I’ve done for YWJ, and it was fun for me. When the arrived at the YS offices I made […]

  • Work in the Cloud

    Storing important files locally is so 2008. I don’t need Microsoft Office anymore. Actually, I’ve used it decreasingly less for a few years now. Instead, I use Google docs for that. (Or Evernote on my iPhone.) The first thing group of editors do when they receive a new article for youthspecialties.com? Upload it to Google docs. […]

  • Change as Technology

    I love to track changes in technology. I can’t help looking my sons Nintendo DS, his prize possession, and remember what it was like when I received by Nintento Gameboy back in the day. If you are anything like me you are also infatuated with tracking these changes. It doesn’t matter what you are into– […]

  • Multi-Generational Communication

    When I was in New Jersey, I had an intriguing conversation about communicating to multiple generations during the Sunday morning sermon. Kristen’s uncle, Fred Provencher, is a senior leader and one smart cookie. I loved this conversation on a lot of fronts. Fred is a great communicator, he is a great pastor, and yet he […]

  • Telecommunications in the 1990s

    This video is part of an elaborate hoax. Allegedly, it’s from a British video series from the 1960s about the future. There’s just a little too much social commentary in there to be believable. But it is pretty funny. And I can see how a lot of people could be fooled!

  • Loop Artist

    Not only is it cool how this artist creates his craft, I think his message matches the theme of this blog. It is possible…