Change as Technology

I love to track changes in technology. I can’t help looking my sons Nintendo DS, his prize possession, and remember what it was like when I received by Nintento Gameboy back in the day.

If you are anything like me you are also infatuated with tracking these changes. It doesn’t matter what you are into– computers, television shows, sewing machines– you can look back and remark on changes to the technology you love.

One of my favorite past times is talking about the change technology cycle.

But do we stop to think and think of change as a technology itself?

Wait… did you catch that?

Change is a technology. Absolutely.

Philosophically speaking we believe in change. Our society conveys it and our science confirms it. Change is necessary.

  • Change means innovative.
  • Change means keeping ahead, keeping fresh.
  • Change means alive.
  • Change means evolving.
  • Change means refinement.
  • Change means you are fighting against the effects of entropy.

Does it actually mean those things? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. But we almost always believe change is either good or bad.

When we look at change as a technology we gain the ability to zoom out the lens and examine the underlying currents, reasoning, and relationships which change creates. When we see change as technology we are able to recognize where we’ve been, why we are where we are now, and potentially what will come next.





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