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  • You Will (AT&T ads from 1993)

    Intrigues the conspiracy theorist in me. Imagine how smart I would be if I could go back and make a commercial that everyone thinks they saw 30 years ago predicting everything we are currently doing. Good idea? HT to Gavin

  • World Air Traffic (24 hours)

    This blew my mind.

  • How to Stop Being Boring

    Most people are boring. Thirteen years ago, in our first apartment, Kristen and I lived on the 15th floor of a high rise apartment building. If you looked at just the right spot you could see Lake Michigan. And if you hung your head out the window you could look south down LaSalle Boulevard towards…

  • Whale Wars

    If you are like me and like the show Whale Wars, you’ll find this interesting. More info on the sinking of the Sea Shepherd ship Ady Gil by Japanese whalers.