Tag: authenticity

  • If Your Phone Could Talk

    We used to say you could tell a person’s priorities by looking at his checkbook. I’d submit to you that today you can tell a person’s priorities by how he uses his phone. If your phone could talk… what would it say about you? Who is he talking to? Who is he texting? How is […]

  • I keeps it real

    Let my life be true. That sums up my relational strategy with friends, co-workers, and family. I keeps it real. There’s a tendency among ministry folks to put a happy face on everything. Or worse yet to try to put a leadership face on everything. While I appreciate the desire to try to put on […]

  • Lie to me, baby

    Maybe we are just a little too authentic in youth group? Last night, our high school ministry night met. We were down a couple of adults and up a few students. Actually, the night felt right at that balance between “out-of-control” and “in control” that is some of the secret sauce of youth ministry. As […]