To keep them young Jackson is 8 months old. He crawls around on the floor. He pulls himself up on things to stand up. He coos, squeals, grunts, and makes endless raspberries. He’s the perfect size for Megan (10) and Paul (8) to pick up and play with. He loves to cuddle with mom and dad. Eight months is one…… Continue reading To keep them young

The Joy Machine

It’s been five weeks since Jackson was born. It’s hard to remember what our family was like without him. The fun part about Jackson, to us, is how much of an unexpected miracle he is to our family. With both Megan and Paul we carefully planned their arrival. I remember sitting down with Kristen and…… Continue reading The Joy Machine

When God shows up

The last 48 hours have been filled with God’s presence. Little moments of stillness amidst the storm of welcoming a new baby in which God whispered in our ear gentle reminder: “You are Mine.” “Jackson is Mine.” “I’m in charge.” The change started Tuesday morning as the sun came up. In the 24 hours preceding…… Continue reading When God shows up

Big Surprise Headed Our Way!

We are both surprised and stoked to be expecting our third child this February. No ideas on a name yet. But rest assured that we will buy the URL. Pray for us. Especially, Megan and Paul.

The Baby-god Myth, Part One

If you are a parent or if you work with parents you are well aware that there’s a lot of idolatry of children going on. In this four-part series I plan on exploring this phenomenon, it’s origins, and its impact on our society and the American family. How did we get here? People are waiting…… Continue reading The Baby-god Myth, Part One

An idea for your church

Looking for something new, fresh, and hot? How about doing something practical, instead? How about changing lives forever? This is worth looking into: METRO ATLANTA, Ga. — Last weekend an Atlanta pastor made a promise that stunned his congregation and most of the people who heard it. In a speech that discussed abortion, the President,…… Continue reading An idea for your church