Good News for High School Students

I’m always at odds with this reality: If Jesus offers good news, what is it about how we do youth ministry that is only attractive to 1% – 2% of the high school students on our campus? That always lead same  to a place where I say, “I don’t think we’re doing this right just…… Continue reading Good News for High School Students

The Double Edged Sword of Awe

We are all born with a desire for religious experience. God made us this way. Each of us has had experiences in which the only description of our emotions is awe. These are intimate moments between you and God, a person, or a even location or event. While God intended for this awe to be…… Continue reading The Double Edged Sword of Awe

Open Letter to the NCAA

Dear NCAA, Congratulations on another year of controversy! Congrats to Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators. They are the BCS Champions but not the National Champions. This year we clearly don’t have a National Champion because your system is broken. Congrats to USC. Congrats to Texas. Congrats to Utah. Congrats to Florida. Each legitimately claim…… Continue reading Open Letter to the NCAA

Put up or shut up

Growing up we played a lot of basketball. A core component of playing basketball, especially the driveway versions, is learning to talk a good game. There are people who can’t play but can talk a good game. And then there are the best players who don’t really talk much but just flat our put up…… Continue reading Put up or shut up

Don’t play horse with this kid

This brings back some memories. When we took students to Chicago for a mission trip with ICI, we had endless gym time to practice all sorts of trick shots. Something tells me this guy was unstoppable at horse. Now I just need a video with extreme carpetball shots and we’d be all set. Since we’re…… Continue reading Don’t play horse with this kid