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  • Is God Still in Charge?

    It’s kind of funny, isn’t it? We live as though we are in charge. As if we decide and determine everything. Do we put the Bride of Christ into a cheap box and make it seem as though church is just a company? – Church growth can be boiled down to a formula? You need […]

  • New Bible Smell

    After more than 10 years of teaching, studying, crying, losing, writing in, and generally loving my last Bible. I finally had to admit it was lost for good and buy a new one. I wasn’t sure if it ended up in a box somewhere when I was cleaning out my office in Romeo or if […]

  • Songs of Solomon Pick-up Lines

    Gosh, I love my job!

  • The Personal Preference Sin

    I’d like to talk to some people about a rabid sin running rampant and unchecked throughout the American Evangelical church. Maybe if you’re reading this today I’m meant to talk to you. This is, I believe, one of Satan’s most powerful devices for separating our people. And yet, this sin runs so deep and is […]

  • Strange Green Bedfellows

    In Christian circles it is en vogue to be green. It won’t be long before the first Bible with a low carbon footprint is on the market. And more and more churches are considering ways that they can lower their churches energy loads with LED and other low wattage uses. For that, I celebrate. I […]