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  • Congrats to Notre Dame

    On December 24th Notre Dame Football brought home their first bowl victory since January 1st, 1994. After checking the record books… I was a senior at Clay High School in South Bend the last time the won a bowl game. It was an impressive waxing of an offensive heavy Hawaii team. This team of freshmen […]

  • Don’t Fire Charlie Weis

    I just read Pat Forde’s latest attack on Notre Dame. All season long, he’s called the players names, the coach names, even the fans names. Now he thinks that his pens will fell Charlie Weis. I hope that doesn’t happen. Here are some reasons why: 1. The team is young. I have watched most of […]

  • College Football Check-in

    Here’s a mid-season check-in of my favorite teams. #1 Notre Dame For a team that barely won 3 games last year, I’m please with their progress. I actually think some fans expected the Irish to win 8-9 games based on their week schedule. Essentially, they have beaten the team’s on their schedule that they were […]

  • Is Notre Dame any good?

    As a lifelong fan of the Irish, two weeks into the season I am left with this question. “How good are they?” In week one they looked “2007 bad” while in week two they looked like “2005 lucky.” Of course, there is irony galore. Just when the nation and especially Irish fans began to look […]

  • Notre Dame Football is #1

    Notre Dame Football is #1

    Unfortunately, they are #1 at “least efficient dollar per win.” Allegedly, Charlie Weis made $1.16 million per win in 2007. Here’s the list Oops.

  • Ode to Charlie Weis

    I’ve been very silent about Notre Dame football this season. And for good reason. I knew it wasn’t going to be a good year over the summer when Coach Wei, at a celebrity golf outing, told the press that he thought it was going to be a tough year for the Irish. He said, “we’re […]