Is Notre Dame any good?

As a lifelong fan of the Irish, two weeks into the season I am left with this question. “How good are they?” In week one they looked “2007 bad” while in week two they looked like “2005 lucky.”

Of course, there is irony galore. Just when the nation and especially Irish fans began to look on Charlie Weis as an idiot instead of genius… he gets whacked and will now attain hero status. For those who missed it, here’s what happened to him.

If they keep up the enthusiasm, and the quarterback continues leading the team to relax and have fun… it could be a great year. Have you seen their schedule? Winning 8-9 games shouldn’t be too tough.

Not a Notre Dame fan? Or can’t understand why I would be? Here’s a cool video.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.

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  1. i will cheer only if chucky gets his hair cut. some booster needs to help him out. Im sure the ncaa will look the other way on such an obvious charity case

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