What’s up with “that church?”

I’ve had several people ask me about the church in Romeo, so here’s a quick update. I know a bunch of people who go there read my blog… so please feel free to fill in the blanks by leaving a comment.

Did the church close? Nope, they just changed their name.

Do they still have services? Yes, Sunday’s most likely. But I don’t know what time.

Are they in the same location? Yep. I understand they took down the Romeochurch.com sign and now it just says “Stoneridge.” That’s where it is. It’s not a community center (that I know of) nor the offices for a new subdivision development. It’s still at 32 & Campground in Romeo. Same church, new name.

Do they have a website? I can’t find one if they do. I see the old website is gone which is probably why people are asking me if they went out of business. So apparently adammclane.com is their new website. Welcome!

Are they the same people? I think the point was that they wanted new people. So they figured if they changed the name the other people wouldn’t see the sign and new people would think they were going to the park and accidentally go to church there. Poof! OK, actually… it’s the same leadership team and I would guess that most of the same people go there.

Do I like the new name? Yeah, it’s way better than “First Baptist Church.” Here’s a secret… that was the first “baptist” church I ever attended.

What’s the name mean? Once upon a time [circa 1992], in that very location, a mountain range crested along Campground Road. As you reached 32 miles north of the center of that range a massive ridge line of large stones fell off to the west as far as the eye could see. Hence the most historically accurate name for 32 Mile & Campground is “Stoneridge.”

I also feel it is sociologically accurate for a community with an alleged marijuana problem to have the word “stoner” in it. (Yes, they have munchies between services.)

Any other thoughts on Stoneridge? I’m secretly jealous that I worked there for 5 years with a church name handicap and then I leave and they instantly solve the biggest problem in reaching the community.

My biggest thought on Stoneridge is that I can’t remember the name half the time. So for Kristen and I it has become an ongoing joke. OK, so it’s just me telling the joke and once I saw Kristen snicker about it.

– Stonemeadow

– Stonevalley

– Stonepoint

– Stonecreek

– Stonemountain

– Stonecrater

– Stoneorchard

– Stonedbaptist

– Stonefalls

– Stoneriver

– Stonelake

– Stoneapple

– Stonetech

– Stone- did you hear they had a mechanical bull last night?

– Stonetemplepilots Memorial

Do you think the church is screwed up and secretly that’s why you left? OK, just between you and me. If it means that people come to Jesus, I hope they do whatever it takes. (Swing dancing, roller coasters, bar & grill, gas station, bookstore, start a parachute club, whatever!) Here’s a revolutionary concept… the church is there to reach the community and equip the redeemed to reach the community. With 3-4% of North Macomb residents currently attending a church I’m just glad they are trying to do something, anything, to bring light to a very dark place.

If I have said anything inaccurate, please feel free to leave a comment.



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12 responses to “What’s up with “that church?””

  1. Patti Avatar

    I don’t know about the accuracy of the info about the church formerly known as Romeo, but, the Shakespeare quote is wrong. Yes, I’m a punk, I know. ๐Ÿ™‚

    O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    Patti… you’re always an english teacher. ๐Ÿ™‚ And the kids in Romeo wouldn’t have known… ha!

  3. lisabee Avatar

    hey i knew the quote and i went to romeo!!! i’m at least one good thing to come out of romeo…
    1) i think it’s hilarious about “stoner” being in stoneridge… only in romeo…
    2) i think my 2 fave names you created are “stonedbaptist” and “stonetemplepilots memorial”!
    3) it’s good to hear your thoughts even though i don’t think i asked you!

  4. Dawn Avatar

    the website is:


    You are funny!

  5. adam mclane Avatar

    Thanks Dawn. I literally couldn’t find it. I really, really did look!

    Hope things at Stone(r) went good today. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Uncle Dave Avatar

    hmm…. i suppose i have to say something to officially make this a comment. but all i have to say is……

  7. SallyB Avatar

    I couldn’t find the website at first either – had to ask someone even though it is on the new sign. srvcs at 9:30 and 11. Just think if you were still here you could sleep in later like us ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Shannon Marie Avatar
    Shannon Marie

    Ok. As a member of the marketing team, I feel I should help you out.

    The website is stoneridgeonline.org and the service times are 9:30 and 11:00 am on Sundays. The first Mainstreet is being held October 1st and we are all pumped up.

    And FYI…we before we changed the sign, we covered it w/ orange (that was me!) and we walked around w/ orange T-shrits that said “what’s with all the orange?” I thought it was funny.

    and btw…I like “stoned baptist” the best. it’s just funny.

  9. adam mclane Avatar

    Shannon/Sally. Thanks!

    For whatever reason the site hasn’t been indexed by google. I couldn’t and still can’t find it on google.

    And not forwarding romeochurch.com to the new site made it worse.

    Glad everyone gets that I am having fun with this post. Honestly, if I hadn’t gotten several emails about it I wouldn’t have said anything. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Shannon, is there a new site coming or is that it?

  10. Shannon Marie Avatar
    Shannon Marie

    stoneridgeonline.com is the new site. It will be updated and improved upon (hopefully) continually. we were aware that it wasn’t perfect but it had to be done rather quickly to get it up by deadline. You know how creative types are…”deadline? what deadline?” jk. But so far it’s good. the bots n’ such seem to go out randomly for certain things. we’re working on it.

  11. Rockinroller Avatar

    Just a quick note to any of you seeking a progressive Christian service: Stoneridge is it! This place ROCKS!!! The band is better than most groups I’ve heard–even in the Kensington’s and Woodside’s around Detroit. The pastor is young, energetic, intelligent and so motivating!!! The church has evening and weekend programs for all age groups including kids, teens and young adults as well as “Married Life”, a program with entertainment and food for the married couples in the church. There’s no discrimination or predisposed perceptions of anyone who attends the church and the congregation is very loving and embracing. If you are in your teens or 20s, this IS THE CHURCH for you!

  12. adam mclane Avatar

    @rockinroller- thanks for your comment. Glad you are enjoying your time at Stoneridge.

    Just for future knowledge. Comments are open on my blog. But I do ask that you leave an actual name or email address or website link in the comment form. A comment by an anonymous person 14 months after a post was written… seems a lot weird! But, that’s also the power of google.

    Again, glad you’re digging Romeo. Enjoy!

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