What the Fall of Jim Tressel Has to do with Pastors

Jim Tressel went from hero to zero in 12 months. Winning had bought Tressel respect in the state of Ohio. First at Youngstown State and then on the national stage at Ohio State. As the success increased so did Tresell’s insulation from everyday scrutiny. In the eyes of fans and the administration he could do…… Continue reading What the Fall of Jim Tressel Has to do with Pastors

Fixing College Football

Mark Cuban is admirable for trying to fix college football. Let’s start with this: It’s broken. 2010 is case in point. In mid-January Oregon will play Auburn in a game labeled “the BCS championship game.” But, if TCU wins the Rose Bowl they deserve to be co-national champions, too. We’ll simply never know who is…… Continue reading Fixing College Football

Notre Dame vs. Michigan

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtFeb5VUs3A Today is a big game for two coaches going in opposite directions. A win here cements the quick turnaround by Brian Kelly for Notre Dame. (But the loss for Kelly is kind of neutral.) A loss for  Michigan and Rich Rodriguez is firmly on the hot seat and would have to beat Ohio State…… Continue reading Notre Dame vs. Michigan

College Football Season is Here

All summer I’ve waited for college football. With the NBA and NHL completely irrelevant to me, both Phil and Tiger non-competitive on the PGA Tour, and MLB failing to find a storyline to draw me in, it’s been quite a sports draught since the end of the World Cup. In truth, I stop caring for…… Continue reading College Football Season is Here

Football, Church, and polls

August 1st arrives and I find myself drawn to coverage of football. I’m not really into baseball. With 164 regular season games I struggle to care between April and September. The NBA playoffs last almost as long as the regular season so that has never interested me. March Madness is fantastic, but it only lasts…… Continue reading Football, Church, and polls

My favorite football teams

College football gets into full swing today. Technically, it started last week yet it wasn’t a full schedule. I thought it was good to clarify just who I get excited about in college football for this season. #1 Notre Dame (I grew up about a mile from the campus, been to a ton of games,…… Continue reading My favorite football teams