My favorite football teams

College football gets into full swing today. Technically, it started last week yet it wasn’t a full schedule. I thought it was good to clarify just who I get excited about in college football for this season.

#1 Notre Dame (I grew up about a mile from the campus, been to a ton of games, love me some Fighting Irish.)

#2 Michigan State (Not sure why I like them, but I enjoy watching the Spartans. I think they can have a decent year.)

#3 Michigan (This is a rebuilding year for them. I don’t expect them to be above .500 as the new coach wasn’t left with a lot of talent. But I still like watching them. The crazy thing is that it doesn’t matter how bad they are, they still have a shot against Ohio State.)

#4 San Diego State (I know they aren’t good this year, but they are the closest D-1 team to us. They play about 3 miles from our house.






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  1. Andrea Avatar

    Hurrah for Michigan State! There were lots of drunk guys walking around today. It was a good time.

  2. Todd Porter Avatar

    Well, at least you know 3 out of 4 of your teams will be victorious. 🙂

    I just realized that SDSU went from the former Michigan Wolverines QB as their coach to the former Detroit Lions QB as their coach. LOL

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