Tag: Church Leadership

  • Do Ministry Leaders Need a Social Media Presence?

    Seth Godin answers his own question: What is the reason social media is so difficult for most organizations? It’s a process and not an event. Events are easier to manage, pay for and get excited about. Processes build results for the long haul. link Why do pastors and other church leaders need a social media […]

  • Why I Stand Up to Bullies

    “What if you found out that the principal had denied access to the gay/straight alliance because of some technicality… a rule the Christian club broke all the time? Would you take a stand for the gay/straight alliance? They have the right to meet at the school under the same rules that give the Christian group […]

  • Longsuffering in the church

    A key component to the personal preference sin so prevalent in the United States evangelical church is a lack of respect for the word, longsuffering. Now, there are plenty of proponents of the idea of short-suffering. In other words, if a church or ministry or job or anything in your life doesn’t meet your exacting […]

  • Lies of Youth Ministry, Part One

    Boys and girls in youth ministry we’ve got some problems. We in youth ministry, as a tribe, believe some lies about who we are, what we’re about, and how we should be reaching students. Let’s address these and move forward to fix them, OK? #1 Your ministry is “successful” if you have 10% of Sunday […]

  • Grace vs. Karma

    Yesterday’s message got me thinking about the mistake many people, even church people, make in regards to grace. Here’s what those two terms mean and why they are opposites. Grace is receiving unmerited favor. In other words, you get what you don’t deserve. Karma is the effects of your past deeds is your future experience. […]

  • Always and Never

    As a 20 year old I sat next to Kristen in pre-marital counseling wide-eyed. The pastor knew we were crazy for one another and he said, “Make sure that you limit the times you say “always” and “never.”  That’s why I chuckled when I read Seth Godin this morning. “I’ll never buy from you again.” […]

  • What Makes Romeo Different?

    We’ve had a lot of visitors lately and I’ve gotten this question a couple of times… “I’ve been to a lot of churches, why does this one feel different?“ This was a reminder to me of just how different we do church at Romeo. I don’t mean musical style or programs that we offer… though […]

  • The Preference Wars of Church

    Perry Noble of NewSpring Church has a couple of funny, yet serious, points about heaven and the preference wars of church today. I was reading through Revelation a couple of weeks ago and I had this thought, “I really think that some people might not like heaven!” Especially when I got to Revelation 7:9-12…seriously, take […]