The Preference Wars of Church

Perry Noble of NewSpring Church has a couple of funny, yet serious, points about heaven and the preference wars of church today.

I was reading through Revelation a couple of weeks ago and I had this thought, “I really think that some people might not like heaven!” Especially when I got to Revelation 7:9-12…seriously, take a second to read that passage and then come back here as I share a thought or two about it. If people approach heaven the same way some approach church then here are my fears… 🙂

#1 – For Some People Heaven Will Be “Too Big.” We have people that say, from time to time, “I really do like your church–except that it’s too big.” My reply is always the same, “Heaven isn’t going to be a small group/house church!”

#2 – The Focus Will Be On Jesus…And That’s It! Apparently the music in heaven is going to be loud…and will not be sang out of the Baptist hymnal. (See verse 10–they cried in a LOUD voice…apparently they didn’t get the “reverence” memo!) No one will be asked in heaven, “Did you like the music? Was the sound too loud? Were you totally comfortable?” Nope–the focus will be on Jesus Christ…NOT consumeristic ego maniacs who church hop because they think everything exists for them. 🙂

I think Perry is right. And I think he brings about the new battle in churches, personal preferences. If 1990-2005 were all about music wars 2005-present are all about preference wars.

Should church be like Burger King and the parishioners be like Frank Sinatra?


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  1. Kim Avatar

    Both of those complaints are ones that I have heard many times about various churches. It is nice that someone finally got to the bottom of it. Heaven is not designed for our comfort but for the glorifying of God so in that mind frame our churches should try to reflect that as well.
    Good stuff!

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