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  • The Leadership Vacuum

    The Leadership Vacuum

    We are in the midst of the weirdest and most leaderless season of public life in modern U.S. history. And I’m left wondering: “Where are our leaders?”

  • Mark Riddle on Discipleship & Leadership in the Church

    Those in church leadership are fascinated with leadership development. Veteran leader Mark Riddle shares this little nugget of gold which calls us back.

  • 3 Mini-Rants for a Wednesday

    Sometimes we just need a rant. Adam kicks off this Wednesday with something he’s calling, “3 Mini-Rants.” Topics include: Pre-Black Friday Shopping, Who pays taxes, and the definition of church leadership. Ready to mix it up? Join the fun!

  • Take the Public School & After School Program Involvement Survey

    Next week, I have the opportunity to speak at the Boost Conference. Boost is the premier conference for out-of-school time professionals and administrators. While not exactly youth ministry like we define it in our tribe, these are adults who are very similar to our tribe. They live, breathe, and love children and teenagers. In some circles…

  • The F Word, Part 2

    The F Word, Part 2

    Editorial note: This is part 2 of a guest post from a local San Diego friend. (Part 1) I don’t normally offer guest posts, but this point-of-view is important. Church and youth leaders need to hear from men in their congregations like him. While this post is anonymous, I invite you to dialog with him…

  • Committee Meetings – A Cartoon

    Click image to see full-sized version

  • The Pastor Man Up Movement

    The last few years has seen the popularization of something I refer to as the Pastor Man Up Movement. (PMUP) You hear things said, like “Pastor, if anyone is going to lead your church, it has to be you.” Or, “No one else in the church is called to lead more than you.” Or, “It’s…

  • Christian Wimps

    Note: This post is a note written to myself. If you want to write yourself in on it, that’s cool. But this post is for me more than it is you. Now fear the LORD and serve him with all faithfulness. Throw away the gods your forefathers worshiped beyond the River and in Egypt, and serve the LORD.…

  • Youth Ministry as Life Ministry

    A few years ago I was talking to a senior pastor about youth ministry. In a moment of honesty he said something like this. “I don’t get it. Tell me why you want to work with high school students your whole life. You’re qualified to be a senior pastor. You have all the qualities people…

  • Bring a Can to Church Day

    I want to encourage you to do a little civil disobedience within your church congregation. Start bringing and leaving a canned food item to your church every time you go. Have every person in your family do it, too. Don’t make a spectacle of it. Just leave your cans in the foyer on the floor…