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Next week, I have the opportunity to speak at the Boost Conference. Boost is the premier conference for out-of-school time professionals and administrators. While not exactly youth ministry like we define it in our tribe, these are adults who are very similar to our tribe. They live, breathe, and love children and teenagers. In some circles they even refer to themselves as youth workers! (Yes, this tribe has TONS of Christians. I can’t wait.)

Here’s a description of my talk:

Engaging with the Faith-Based Community

Current trends in the faith-based subculture have faith-based organizations, including churches, looking for opportunities to serve the needs of the community. in this seminar, we will examine this trend, fill in some gaps of misinformation, address a shared past of difficulties, look at some current examples, and explore ground rules for positive engagement. When it comes to the children of our communities, we have a lot in common, including many shared values. let’s bridge some gaps and create a new story together.

I need your help

This seminar will be a lot better if I have some recent data and input from people currently involved vocationally in churches. I can speak to this topic in generalities and can point to data points from other research, but I’d love to have fresh data specifically for this talk.

I’d love it if 150 – 200 people currently employed by a church / parachurch would share their insights into this important topic.

Would you please take 15 minutes to complete this survey? 

Please help me reach my goal by sharing with other staff people you know.

And yes, I’ll be sure to share what I learn both from this survey and my time at Boost, right here on my blog.

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2 responses to “Take the Public School & After School Program Involvement Survey”

  1. Woodard Katie Avatar
    Woodard Katie

    Yay! I have been a youth pastor and an after school worker for the last 3 years! The similarities (and differences) are astounding but in the end it is all “youth ministry.” I also attended Boost! Have fun!

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      Too bad you won’t be there this year. 🙁 Believe it or not… we will be sharing office space with them startin 5/1!)

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