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  • School Choice Matters

    School Choice Matters

    For families living in the City of San Diego, today marks the opening for the School Choice application. Here’s why school choice matters, especially for the poor.

  • Take the Public School & After School Program Involvement Survey

    Next week, I have the opportunity to speak at the Boost Conference. Boost is the premier conference forĀ out-of-school time professionals and administrators. While not exactly youth ministry like we define it in our tribe, these are adults who are very similar to our tribe. They live, breathe, and love children and teenagers. In some circles…

  • “Parents do not have a constitutional right to homeschool their children”

    This is the quote of Justice H. Walter Croskey of the 2nd District of Appeals in California. In our short tenure in California we saw some of the dark sides of homeschooling. While I know there are fantastic parents who do an excellent job homeschooling their children I have also seen first hand the other…