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  • Saturday Morning Quarterbacks

    Obviously, this is election day. A day we’ve talked about in our nation for more than 2 years. Right now, both candidates have in their back pocket two speeches, one to celebrate that they have become the most powerful person on earth and the second to somehow admit a multi-million dollar defeat. But today is…

  • History Maker

    Last night Barack Obama became the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party. If that’s news to you this morning, please nudge Dick Cheney awake and come out of the cave to the real world.  This isn’t a post about politics. This is a reminder of who we are in Christ. All over the news this…

  • Great quote

    No need for my commentary here, it speaks for itself. Put your coffee down before reading this sentence. CNN apologized today for getting on-air analysis of Gov. Spitzer’s legal options from a former U.S. Attorney who resigned after being accused of biting a stripper. HT to Boing Boing