Saturday Morning Quarterbacks

Obviously, this is election day. A day we’ve talked about in our nation for more than 2 years. Right now, both candidates have in their back pocket two speeches, one to celebrate that they have become the most powerful person on earth and the second to somehow admit a multi-million dollar defeat.

But today is really not just about them. It’s about those of us with the ability to vote exercising our voice.

In the morning there will voters distraught about the winner. Some will claim their desire to move to Canada. Here’s a little hint, our neighbors to the north don’t want you! Why is it that no one ever says that they are moving to Mexico? Just curious.

Today is also a day when our eyes and ears will be glued to the television screen, internet news, and the radio. My prediction is that today the same quality work day as the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We’re all “working” right?

Rock the Dork Vote
Rock the Dork Vote

Last night I had a brief layover in Phoenix and with my Captain Obvious eyes I noted that everyone closely watched the news. For months the news anchors have tried to convince us that this election was a dead heat race for the finish. On CNN, Anderson Cooper did something that you see on ESPN a lot. “OK, we’ve talked about this for 24 months… now tell the nation what you think will happen tomorrow.” And one by one they took turns sharing their Saturday Morning Quarterback position. Several predicted Obama would recieve 370 electoral votes at minimum. One suggested as many as 500! While one man acknowledged that Obama holds a big lead he stepped out boldly to predict McCain will win by a [gray] hair and planted a seed that the polls have been rigged all along.

Isn’t it awesome that we live in a nation where Saturday Morning Quarterbacks have a voice and journalism is as much about predictions as it is reporting the news of the day? I think it is facinating.






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  1. gavin Avatar

    so would it be considered their upset special if they went out and picked bob barr or another third party candidate? ‘not so fast my friend’

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    Now that would be awesome. It will be an interesting day for sure.

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