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  • Questions We Need to Ask about Health Care reform

    Let’s face the fact that no one likes the health care system. Doctors hate it. Hospitals hate it. Insurance companies hate it. Employers hate it. Insured employees hate it. Uninsured people hate it. The rich hate it. The poor hate it. I can’t think of the last time that someone stopped me in conversation and […]

  • Obama in Cairo

    I’ve had several people ask me about the President’s speech in Cairo yesterday. Here are a few thoughts. – I like the new methodology of this president. He recognizes that you can’t walk into every situation and say, ““We’re America, we know how to do everything.” – President Obama understands that culture is important. He […]

  • The battle of Guantanamo

    I suppose I’m just naive. With nearly every state clamoring about a loss of jobs why aren’t more states raising their hands and saying, “Yes, we’d like those detainees in my state. Give us the money to build the prison and we’ll house them forever.” Actually, Colorado is asking for them. If I’m Jennifer Granholm, […]

  • Obama at Notre Dame

    What do I think about Barack Obama speaking at Notre Dame’s commencement? I think it is awesome! While I wasn’t fortunate enough to attend Notre Dame, I did grow up around the campus… spending more than my fair share of time trespassing and dreaming that I could go there. As the largest employer in my […]

  • Big day

    HT to GeoEye

  • Power

    I am filled with joy while watching the Inauguration. It is a memorable moment I’m happy to share with my kids. It is a celebration of a three part system of government. The executive system is sworn into office by the judicial system on the steps of the representative system. The distribution of power is […]

  • Presidential Perspective

    I’m as excited about the Obama presidency as everyone else seems to be. But I have to say… all of the hype about Obama kind of scares me. I thought it would be good, 24 hours before Barack Obama kicks off the biggest party in Washington D.C.’s history, to reflect back 8 years to throw […]

  • Will Obama Change His Mind Often?

    With just under 2 weeks until Barack Obama is sworn in as president you can kind of feel the excitement in the air flowing from Washington. Every news anchor now lets their tongue slide across the words, “President-elect Obama” as if they’ve been practicing it their whole lives. I can’t hear them say it and […]

  • The Obama Marketing Vice-Grip

    Now that we’re a bit removed from the elections the picture is getting more clear to see how exactly Obama won roughly 70% of the electoral college. While I’m sure there are tons of political types on television who will take the politics of it apart, I thought I’d offer some observations of the campaign […]

  • Quick check-in

    I’m always amazed at my inability to blog from NYWC. I think it’s a combination of my insane schedule and a lack of good internet connectivity. More importantly, I feel like I don’t have much to share while in the midst of NYWC since I’m soaking it in so deeply. So here are some random […]