Saturday Morning Quarterbacks

Obviously, this is election day. A day we’ve talked about in our nation for more than 2 years. Right now, both candidates have in their back pocket two speeches, one to celebrate that they have become the most powerful person on earth and the second to somehow admit a multi-million dollar defeat. But today is…… Continue reading Saturday Morning Quarterbacks

My Two Dads

I love deadpan mistakes. For some reason the commentator just had a brain fart. Chances are, Barack Obama really doesn’t have two dads.

The Real American Idol

I know everyone is wondering who will win tonight on American Idol. Will it be David Cook or David Archuleta? But the contest that has been keeping me up late on Tuesday’s isn’t the pop music drama, it’s the political “idol.” With just a few votes left to be cast, the media is sucking in…… Continue reading The Real American Idol

I Won’t Be Endorsing a Candidate

Marko has kicked off a chain reaction all across the youth ministry blog world. He has come out to endorse a candidate for the presidential candidate. While he’s careful to note that he’s not endorsing Obama for Youth Specialties… a lot of people in youth ministry look up to him. Clearly, he’s the most read…… Continue reading I Won’t Be Endorsing a Candidate