The Obama Marketing Vice-Grip

Now that we’re a bit removed from the elections the picture is getting more clear to see how exactly Obama won roughly 70% of the electoral college. While I’m sure there are tons of political types on television who will take the politics of it apart, I thought I’d offer some observations of the campaign…… Continue reading The Obama Marketing Vice-Grip

Saturday Morning Quarterbacks

Obviously, this is election day. A day we’ve talked about in our nation for more than 2 years. Right now, both candidates have in their back pocket two speeches, one to celebrate that they have become the most powerful person on earth and the second to somehow admit a multi-million dollar defeat. But today is…… Continue reading Saturday Morning Quarterbacks

I Won’t Be Endorsing a Candidate

Marko has kicked off a chain reaction all across the youth ministry blog world. He has come out to endorse a candidate for the presidential candidate. While he’s careful to note that he’s not endorsing Obama for Youth Specialties… a lot of people in youth ministry look up to him. Clearly, he’s the most read…… Continue reading I Won’t Be Endorsing a Candidate