Coming to Chicago Dec 13-18

I’m coming to Chicago for a small release party for the Love is an Orientation DVD curriculum on Saturday December 17th… so ¬†I thought I’d expand the trip a little by coming Tuesday night and leaving Sunday evening.

Here’s what is scheduled so far:

December 17th – 2 classes now open for registration

10 -12 pm – Growing Your Business with Mailchimp

2 -4 pm – Blogging 101

That’s right. That means I have all of December 14th, 15th, 16th, and most of the 18th wide open.

I’m spending a couple of nights with my cousin in Oak Park and a couple of nights with Andy in Wrigleyville.¬†Kristen and I lived in Chicago for 8+ years so I don’t really want to fill my days sight seeing or visiting museums, I’d much rather spend my time connecting with you. (Though I am willing to attend the Bears game on December 18th, just tossing it out there!)

Let me be blunt. Since I’m already going to be in Chicago and I have so many free days, that means that you can get my services pretty cheap. Some things you could have me do at a cut rate.

  • Come to your organization/church to lead a workshop on any variety of things I teach regularly on. Social media for churches, Mailchimp for non-profits, Blogging 101, Creating a sustainable online strategy, Free and awesome communications tools for non-profits, or a hybrid of any of those to meet your needs.
  • Spend a day or half day consulting with your team regarding your website or online engagement strategy.
  • Teach at youth group or even fill your pulpit (free or nearly free)
  • Meet to discuss a possible project for The Youth Cartel or McLane Creative

I’m open to spending up to a full-day outside of the city, as well. Maybe you live in Northwest Indiana or Southern Wisconsin or downstate Illinois and would like me to come teach my classes? I’d actually love an excuse to spend a day in the South Bend area.

Of course, if you want to hang out and grab a cup of coffee or an italian beef… let me know. I’m obviously down for that.

Drop me an email and let’s connect.

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A Few Ways to Connect with Me

Maybe you’re ready to take this relationship to the next level? Let’s say you come to Adam McLane’s site every day. And you’re thinking to yourself… “Adam, I dig what you have to say. What are some ways you can check out what else I do online?” Here are a few ways I suggest you do that.

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#4 Check out my shared items on Google Reader. These are blogs that I read on a daily basis and posts that I think are worth sharing. In other words, let me filter through the lame stuff for you.

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#7 Of course you can get to know Kristen too. It’s like getting to know our family 360 degrees. Kristen blogs a lot about family life, recipes, contests, and kids books.

#8 Check out some of our new projects. Kristen and I have started some projects under the umbrella of McLane Creative. Our first project is a collaborative site giving real-world reviews of things to do in San Diego, called Beyond the Zoo.

#9 Meet me in person. I know, that’s not a Web 2.0 way to get to know me. (What is wrong with me?) But it’s completely practical. If you’re ever in the San Diego area I’d love to get together for a cup of coffee and meet face-to-face. Drop me an email.