BREAKING: Santa to Cut Back Production in 2011

PRESS RELEASE For immediate release NORTH POLE – Citing rising energy costs and increased demands for high tech goods, Santa Claus is forecasting a 13% reduction in the number of gifts distributed to the world’s children on December 25th. The 10 year average gift-per-child (GPC) is 5.2, in 2011 Santa Claus will reduce the average to 4.52.…… Continue reading BREAKING: Santa to Cut Back Production in 2011

To Kill a Mockingbird

Our house has a mockingbird problem. I want to kill this mockingbird. Harper Lee may have already written this book. But let me tell you that a lobotomy will never do. It is not severe enough. The only acceptable punishment for being a mockingbird is death. See, the mockingbird who calls our yard home, is…… Continue reading To Kill a Mockingbird