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  • Anxiety in Youth Ministry

    Over the past several days I’ve started to put words to what I’ve been observing: The tribe of youth ministry is anxious. 2009 has been a ridiculously hard year. Last October when Tony Campolo spoke in Sacramento he said something like… “Church, as we know it today, will collapse with the economy. And we will […]

  • Youth Worker Book of Hope ON SALE NOW!

    At work today Mandy handed me an envelope from Zondervan. Holding it, I could feel a lump in it. As I opened it I joked to myself, “Geez, are they paying me in cash these days?” To my delight it was not a bundle of cash, it was my copy of The Youth Worker Book […]

  • Medium-sized Church Crisis… Let’s Talk Money

    The first time I talked about this topic, the assumption in comments was that the reason the medium-sized church is struggling is because of money. In my last post on the topic I explored the core problem… that there are no “medium-sized church people” in America. There are big church people and small church people. […]

  • And you thought our housing market fell?

    Check out this story too… 3000 abandoned cars at the Dubai airport with the keys in the ignition!

  • Two Kinds of Medium Sized Church People

    Here are some more thoughts on the medium-sized church crisis. My post the other day attracted a fair amount of comments and attention… and I was pretty frustrated that people jump to the issue of money. I only think that the money problems of current are bringing the Medium-sized church crisis to the forefront. At […]

  • Medium-sized church crisis

    I guess this diagram is rather self-explanatory, eh? Over the last 4-5 months I’ve had several conversations in which the discussion centered on this diagram. So I submit it to you to chew on. Thoughts? If you are seeing the same thing, what are the plusses and minuses of this trend? If you think I’m […]

  • The McLane Bailout Plan

    I’ve listened to all of the ideas. The $700 billion bailout is just over the top stupid. While the housing market is screwed up, bailing out bad businesses isn’t the right way to do it. Why not just let all of those people in crappy deals refinance in FHA fixed rate mortgages? Seems like offering […]