The McLane Bailout Plan

I’ve listened to all of the ideas. The $700 billion bailout is just over the top stupid. While the housing market is screwed up, bailing out bad businesses isn’t the right way to do it.

Why not just let all of those people in crappy deals refinance in FHA fixed rate mortgages? Seems like offering folks an easy way to refinance to a bond-backed fixed mortgage would be a lot less expensive and pour trillions of US bases dollars into the economy.

My other idea is to split the $700 billion equally among my friends. So, if you want a cut of the $700 billion just leave a comment declaring me your friend and I’ll let George know, ok?





14 responses to “The McLane Bailout Plan”

  1. Brian Eberly Avatar

    Nice. Cut me in!

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    Sweet, so far that’s $350 billion each. Enough to buy Canada.

  3. jennifercirinna Avatar

    I want enough to pay off (small) debt, buy a house and furnish it and a car….but first I tithe 10% 🙂

  4. Kirk Avatar

    Let’s give John McCain half and Barack Obama Half. Whoever does the best job using the money to make the world better gets to be president. They only have until November 3 to not only submit their plans but to put everything into action. Then on the November 4 everyone gets to vote who did the best job.

  5. Barb Avatar

    cut me in, you can put Bill’s name on that check too. Then I can afford to visit you all.

  6. Kim Avatar

    You are most certainly my friend, and a generous one at that! lol

  7. Molly Avatar

    I’ll admit I fake know you from the internet for a slice of that pie!

  8. Gman Avatar

    Buy Canada? Heck, I just want to buy the Leafs investment ever!!

  9. adam mclane Avatar

    kirk- if they are friends of mine they get a cut. If not, forget it.

    Plus, the way I see it Cindy is already giving John a slice of the pie… he’s got plenty.

  10. lisabee Avatar

    ooh pick me!!!!

  11. adam mclane Avatar

    I think we are still all going to have to struggle on about $100 billion each. Can you make it on that? I’m going to start with this.

    At only $160 million, I’ll still have plenty left to buy Canada.

  12. Uncle Dave Avatar

    no thanks, i’m happy being overworked and underpaid…..
    I rather earn my money than be a rich bureaucrat. Power to the people.. share the money to the things that need it…

  13. Todd Porter Avatar

    I am your friend.

  14. Tim Schmoyer Avatar

    If everyone didn’t have such massive debt, this wouldn’t be an issue. Dave Ramsey: “100% of the houses in foreclosure have a mortgage on it.” lol (Deep, I know.)

    I have a new financial plan that could revolutionize this country. It’s called, “Spend less than you make.”

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