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  • Jobs and Millennials

    Scott Nicholson needs a job. Or so reports the New York Times in a recent article. The problem isn’t that Scott can’t get a job. It’s that Scott can’t get a job he wants. Here’s one situation that lead to a job offer he turned down. It was in pursuit of a solid job that […]

  • A Failing Battle to Fight Foreclosure

    This headline caught my attention this morning: Ten months ago President Obama announced a $75 billion program to keep as many as four million Americans in their homes by persuading banks to renegotiate their mortgages. Lenders have accepted more than one million applications and cut three-month trial deals with 759,000 homeowners. But they have converted […]

  • From Wall St. to Your Street

    Faced with sobering conditions, companies that issue MasterCard, Visa and other cards are rushing to stanch the bleeding, even as options once easily tapped by borrowers to pay off credit card obligations, like home equity lines or the ability to transfer balances to a new card, dry up. Story Just like it takes a few […]

  • The McLane Bailout Plan

    I’ve listened to all of the ideas. The $700 billion bailout is just over the top stupid. While the housing market is screwed up, bailing out bad businesses isn’t the right way to do it. Why not just let all of those people in crappy deals refinance in FHA fixed rate mortgages? Seems like offering […]

  • How are you doing?

    The most basic of questions now has a new meaning. At least where I live. You ask a shop keeper it and he asks you. Same with neighbors, teachers, folks at church, bank tellers, waitresses, and pretty much everyone I come into contact around town. “How are you doing?” It’s a basic, friendly question with […]