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  • Double Dream Hands Soulja Boy

    ht to Amy G.

  • One Sexy Beast

    Man, I was smoking hot back in the day. (circa 1991-1992) Just as humble as today just twice as young. Backstory to the picture above: Over the last few months I’ve gotten reconnected with Joanne via Facebook. (pictured above) We went to First Pres in Mishawaka together back in elementary, middle, and some of high […]

  • Celebrity Dance Party on the Ellen Show

    This video is enchanting. Just. Can’t. Stop. Watching. It just makes me happy! HT to MC Hammer

  • This is so gangster

    This is the type of celebration a wedding ceremony deserves. I can’t lie, this made me tear up and feel all sappy. I really want to know what the pastor said when the ceremony started!