This is so gangster

This is the type of celebration a wedding ceremony deserves. I can’t lie, this made me tear up and feel all sappy.

I really want to know what the pastor said when the ceremony started!





6 responses to “This is so gangster”

  1. Jennifer Ruggles Avatar
    Jennifer Ruggles

    I do too! And the exit when the ceremony was over, I can only imagine.

  2. Shawn M. Shoup Avatar

    I teared up, too. Good to know I’m not alone. 😉

  3. Mike Lyons Avatar

    Yo, dearly beloved, we be gathered here today…

  4. Charlie Avatar

    Gives a whole new meaning to “I danced at your wedding.”

  5. adam mclane Avatar

    I think my opening line would have been, “Just wait for the reception.” 🙂

  6. Nick Avatar

    And here’s the video for the divorce proceedings, courtesy of Funny, though very much satirical to the kind of marriage expectations we have in this country.

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