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  • The desert & cultural exegesis

    Later this afternoon I’ll join 70 high school students and 20 other adults for the Encounter Men’s Retreat. This is my second year doing the retreat so this year I have a better idea of what to expect. Intense, respectful content that asks young men to lean into practical realities of walking with Jesus. A […]

  • Desert Man Trip

    I’ve been around a few types of “manly men” in my lifetime. Dude’s who hang out at country clubs, play sophisticated sports, and have sophisticated tastes. Dude’s who smoke big cigars, enjoy fine beverages, and gamble big bucks. (Either gambling or on business deals) Dude’s who shot guns, kill things, and could live for months […]

  • Irrigation

    We live in sunny Southern California. And while it is amazing to have 300+ days of sunshine per year it comes at a cost. Namely, we live in a coastal desert and have water restrictions. Thankfully, we are able to have a vibrant garden by using some smart water techniques. Where we are Back in […]

  • What You Water Grows

    I took this picture in my backyard this morning. It illustrates this thought perfectly. In the middle is our healthy orange tree, to it’s left is a healthy grapefruit tree, if you could see more you’d see another orange tree, a couple peach trees, a mandarin, and lemon tree. And everything else is dirt. Being […]

  • Fast Tuesday update

    Two weeks into lent, fasting is going great. The first week was great. I felt fantastic. It was a time to slow down and walk with God through Scripture and stuff. Plus, I didn’t feel like ending the fast after 24 hours so I kept it going until late afternoon. It was awesome! Week two […]

  • Desert Pictures

    Today we took a trip to the desert. You can see Paul showing off here. (Megan took this picture.) You can see the rest by following this link.

  • Fast Tuesday, Temptation

    A full week into Lent, today marks my first Fast Tuesday. Not sure if “pumped” is the right word to use for entering a period of fasting, but I am prepared to enter this season of preparation. I woke up thinking about this passage: Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and […]