Tag: Detroit

  • Making Detroit Cool

    I think this was a great move by GM. Bring Conan O’Brien into the Detroit Auto Show and letting him have some fun. Self-deprecation is actually a great way to start changing the mood towards the former Big 3.

  • Dear Detroit Media: Leave Kwame Alone!

    The last 3-4 days the local news in Detroit has not left the mayor alone. There are some allegations about him surrounding whether or not he lied about an affair he had with a staff member a few years back. And the Detroit media is having a field day. It’s completely disgusting that they have […]

  • Don’t Watch the Weather

    I am continually surprised to see people pre-decide that the weather is too bad for an activity. They watch the weather on the local news and believe the hype that we’re going to have a blizzard or that it’s going to be bad out there… so they pre-decide tonot go to work, school, or church. […]