Dear Detroit Media: Leave Kwame Alone!

kwame kilpatrickThe last 3-4 days the local news in Detroit has not left the mayor alone. There are some allegations about him surrounding whether or not he lied about an affair he had with a staff member a few years back.

And the Detroit media is having a field day. It’s completely disgusting that they have nothing better to do than stalk this guy 24 hours per day. Television stations have sunk to new lows by flying their traffic helicopters over his house to see if his car is there. They are giving updates on his families movements, and virtually any other disgusting detail they can reveal.

I have some advice for the Detroit media: Go back to covering lost dogs and stalled cars on the freeway. And don’t forget about your helpful segments, helping single moms get free cars or tracking down bad contractors to shame them. Those are things you are good at. Treating the nightly news like it is Access Hollywood is disgusting? Cut it out.

Sure, he is a public figure. But this is too far. This story is not worth 24 hour coverage. It’s simply not news the people of this city want to hear.


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