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  • Infographic: Why Youth Ministry Must Decentralize

    Click here to view or download full-sized version Source: U.S. Census Data Challenge You cannot reach 427 10-19 year olds with 1 paid youth worker. We have 40 years of data which tells us this is impossible. The way we currently do things is part of the solution but we must think differently to engage […]

  • Listen to the Right People

    Focus on transforming the people you have. The people in your church already have access to the people you want to reach. A popular speaker says, “You need to focus more on reaching than keeping.” That phrase shocks me. It sounds brilliant but is incredibly rude. Do you want to go to that church? I […]

  • Sell Your Church Reach Your Community

    Permit this heresy: There is no mention of a church owning a building in the New Testement. I’m not saying it’s unbiblical to own a church building, I just think its worth it is worth thinking about. What would church look like with no building? How would programs change? How would staffing change? How would […]