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  • Saturday Tunes

    I know, I’m a day late. But it felt a little weird to miss this. Yesterday, we had a busy day. I woke up and worked on a friend’s website all morning. Kristen ran some errands. Before we knew it, it was time to go to the beach with our friends from community group. We […]

  • 5 Songs that Pump Me Up

    Music is a powerful measuring stick for where a person is in their life, isn’t it? The songs that I identify with right now reflect a lot of who I am as well as a lot about how I feel about the stuff going on in my life. Here are songs that I listen to […]

  • Saturday Tunes

    It’s amazing how fast the last few weeks have gone. It just seems like every time I turn around I’m here talking about what I’m listening to on a Saturday morning! Last night, we took the kids to Gio’s in La Mesa for our family date night. Then, they came home and everyone crashed by […]