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  • You know you’re onto something when…

    the powers that be (doing nothing for years) are nervous about you. people from the church start leaving tracts and books on your desk anonymously. an old lady cusses at you and about you. country club members decide to worship elsewhere. tattoos and pick-up trucks outnumber lattes and minivans in the parking lot. you get […]

  • Competitive Advantage

    This clip from Tin Cup highlights the differences between an amateur and a tour professional.  Whether you are a casual golfer or a week-to-week preacher in a church. You and the guy on tour are fundamentally different in how you approach your craft. What you do is similar! But how you approach it and how […]

  • Dealing with discouragement

    Last Sunday, I wrote about some of the discouragement I was feeling. Anxiety. Self-doubt. Questioning my abilities. Questioning decisions I’ve made. Paths I’ve chosen. I wish I could say that was just a moment of self-doubt and second-guessing. And I wish I could look back on that 7 days later and laugh. But I can’t. […]

  • Let Grace be our language

    Is grace enough for you? Maybe I’m a cynic but I don’t think grace is a hallmark of a lot of Christians. We’re too busy having unrealistic expectations for one another and then wallowing in the disappointment of failed relationships. I’m too busy judging you for judging me for grace! Let’s get past this oddity […]

  • Fire is Free

    I was listening to a message by Rob Bell a few years ago and someone posed the question to him, “Why do people drive for hours to be a part of Mars Hill.” His answer was profound and simple: “People will drive from miles around to see what’s on fire.” Very true, isn’t it? When […]

  • Labor Day Remembrance for Youth Workers

    Labor Day Remembrance for Youth Workers

    Labor Day became a holiday in response to the massacre of 13 employees to end the Pullman Strike at the hands of the Illinois National Guard. Why were they on strike? The owner of their company cut their wages on their 12 hour work day while holding rents on employee housing. When the owner refused […]

  • Never be afraid to compliment

    I’ve noticed that many folks in ministry are cranky right now. No one seems to get along or agrees with anyone. (I had to say “many” because if I didn’t someone would get cranky about my use of generalization!) It’s all the rage to be a raging disagree-er. Exhaustion from the launch of the Fall […]

  • 5 Ways to Encourage Your Church Staff

    One thing I learned when I was on church staff— rarely does a person really want what they are presenting what they want. In other words, when a parent wants to come in and talk with you about some ideas for the summer youth group schedule, that’s only the presenting issue. I know that with […]

  • 3 Tests of a Leader

    1. Are they attracting leaders? A great leader surrounds herself with other talented leaders. Other leaders make sacrifices to work for her. A leader doesn’t just attract talented leaders, she keeps them. Established leaders pop in to hang out with her. She raises up leaders from within. She creates a culture of education and mentorship. […]

  • Encourage One Another