Never be afraid to compliment

I’ve noticed that many folks in ministry are cranky right now. No one seems to get along or agrees with anyone. (I had to say “many” because if I didn’t someone would get cranky about my use of generalization!) It’s all the rage to be a raging disagree-er.

Exhaustion from the launch of the Fall season probably is impacting this back-biting time. The fact that the economy is feeling scary probably isn’t helping, either. The guilt of unconfessed sins. The weight of working for money instead of passion. Too many carbs and not enough sleep. Forgetting to put the seat down. You know, big stuff that weighs us down.

Our tribe feels tired and cranky.

I just want to share what I’ve been saying to myself lately. (Guilty as charged, your honor.)

The world is already full of smart asses. I’d rather be known as an encourager than a smart ass. Something tells me my kids would be more proud of me for saying nice things about people instead of always trying to prove that I’m right or clever or funny or whatever.

That’s why I’ve been trying to lean into the wisdom of my wife. She’ll give me the look and say, “No one cares if you are right if you’re a jerk.The woman is a prophetess, I tell you.


I’ve been reminded that I need to be more conscious of encouraging the people in my life. Even the 45 seconds it takes me to send a text to a friend make a big difference. It’s not much, but it’s something.

As the recipient of some timely encouragement lately, let me say what everyone already knows.

I can live a week on a compliment.





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  1. Shannon Avatar

    The use of the word “ass” makes me cranky.

    But seriously, I think I remember those little gems from your wife. And it’s very true. If you are smug and cocky, nobody will listen to you anyway. Just because you’re smug and cocky. You could be a genius…but nobody cares.
    I recently came to the realization if I am willing to point out errors than I should be just as willing point out where that person excels. I have to work harder to find the good in others, but at least the effort is there.

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