Tag: Good News

  • Bring a Can to Church Day

    I want to encourage you to do a little civil disobedience within your church congregation. Start bringing and leaving a canned food item to your church every time you go. Have every person in your family do it, too. Don’t make a spectacle of it. Just leave your cans in the foyer on the floor […]

  • 10 Ways Your Church Can Be Good News to the Neighborhood

    I have a fervent belief that if we want to reach a post-Christian society, we have to be Good News before someone will listen to Good News. Here are 10 ways you can begin transforming your church into a place where Good News flows from: If you have a building, offer a public bathroom and […]

  • The Good News is You

            Have you ever stopped to think that Good News is brought through you? Sometimes I wonder if our ideal theology is a bit larger than the practical theology God is actually calling us to do? We think global while God is likely thinking local. We get so lost in the vastness […]

  • Greater things…

    I think the visuals of this version of the song, coupled with the history of Northern Ireland… really adds the significance and desperation needed for this song. Greater things are needed in the city. For those of us in ministry, the real question this song brings to the forefront is one of priorities. Will 2010 […]

  • Set the 2010 Agenda

    In 6 weeks it will be 2010. And as many pastors climb into the pulpit on January 3rd, 2010 they will give the annual State of the church message, as well as a road map of the 2010 church agenda. Lots of churches do this. The first weekend in January is perfect for it as […]