The Good News is You




Giant slice of lasagna
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Have you ever stopped to think that Good News is brought through you?

Sometimes I wonder if our ideal theology is a bit larger than the practical theology God is actually calling us to do?

We think global while God is likely thinking local. We get so lost in the vastness of our calling to change the world that we lose sight of being good news to our block, next door neighbor, or even our house.

Back when I was a kid sometimes I’d order something at a restaurant that was simply more than I could eat. The waitress would bring this massive plate of lasagna and my eyes would get big. As I readied my fork, mouth watering, anticipating the first bite– reality would set in. My dad would say, “Looks like your eyes are bigger than your stomach.”

Of course it was true. I had ordered a massive portion and my dad had amused me by letting me get it and thinking I could finish it. But he knew from the get-go that there wasn’t a chance I could polish off such a tall order. I’d try but ultimately there would be more meal than would fit in my stomach. When I had finally given up and pushed the half full plate away in defeat my dad would repeat the same phrase with a smile, “Looks like your eyes were bigger than your stomach.

The same is true with our desires to change the world, isn’t it? Sometimes we order such a big portion that we barely make a dent. We push away the plate and give up– and our Heavenly Father knowingly smiles and reminds us that our eyes were bigger than our appetite.

Perhaps the smarter thing is to order a portion we can tackle?






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  1. Brian Ford Avatar

    Reminds of Acts 1:8; we’re told to go the Jerusalem, AND Judea, AND Samaria. But it’s interesting how Jesus started that commend with Jerusalem (local).

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