Greater things…

I think the visuals of this version of the song, coupled with the history of Northern Ireland… really adds the significance and desperation needed for this song. Greater things are needed in the city.

For those of us in ministry, the real question this song brings to the forefront is one of priorities. Will 2010 be a year when we lay aside our pet projects and church crap and actually bring Good News to the cities we live in? Or will we just continue “discipling” and “entertaining” the same people another year without ever compelling them to take action and live out what we believe?

Unrelated sidenote: I’m itching to get back to Belfast.



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6 responses to “Greater things…”

  1. YPClayConry Avatar

    A greater sense of Community and Justice.

    We are kicking of a congregation wide initiative of small groups “LifeGroups” and blessing to the community being generated from those groups

  2. Brit Windel Avatar

    Man this really makes me miss the guys from Bluetree playing at Manna-Fest in the Spires. and even more so missing that place i spent 2 years of my life! Great video and reminder Adam that there is so much God has for us and for the places we live and call our home!
    Where did you find this video? There is so much need in N. Ireland, and with that so much hope from some amazing people who want to bring that hope!

  3. Jonny McCormick Avatar

    Hey Adam

    Belfast would love to have you. So come on over and I’ll buy you a coffee.

  4. Brit Windel Avatar

    hey Jonny, where bouts you at? I lived in Killyleagh for 2 years. Spent time working with the PCIswim program and some solo work with their peace plans!

  5. Jonny McCormick Avatar

    hey Brit – what’s up? I live in North Belfast, just below the Cavehill and Belfast Castle. Glad you enjoyed your time in NI.

  6. adam mclane Avatar

    @jonny- Watch out. I will be taking you up on that offer. I’m still dreaming of ways to livee PT in Belfast!

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