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  • The Proximity Gospel

    One place the Good News needs to prevail is helping to reshape our neighborhoods.  We, as a culture, obey the rule of affinity in our lives. Who we gather with, who we have as friends, where we go to worship… our entire place in this world is governed by affinity. We do stuff we like. […]

  • The Rule of Affinity

    The Rule of Affinity

    Two men had robbed a bank a few miles away and while being chased by the police made a wrong turn into our neighborhood. Full of canyons and dead ends the robbers got lost, ditched their car, shot at a cop, and ran into backyards a few hundred yards from our house. Soon a police […]

  • Teenagers are Desperate for Good News

    One reason youth ministry is flatlining is crappy theology. Kara Powell, executive director of the Fuller Youth Institute, was recently interviewed by Relevant Magazine about the present reality that youth ministry presents a faith students easily walk away from in college. She was asked, “Do you think there are any misunderstandings or misconceptions that contribute to young adults leaving the […]

  • Economy of Words

    Good communicators are aware of an economy of words. Whether its blogging or public speaking or preaching– you must have a constant awareness of how many words your audience is capable of processing in the amount of space/time you have. Too many words and people get overloaded and tune you out. (or navigate to another […]

  • Nehemiah vs. The American Church

    I love the audacity great faith brings. It’s idealistic. It’s over-the-top. It’s incomprehensibly arrogant simplicity. It’s stupid fun to be around. And that’s why I love my church. This little church in the city truly believes they can be instrumental in seeing a new San Diego rise up to be an amazing place to live. […]

  • Preparing for Haiti

    I chose to be just crazy enough. More importantly, I want to encourage others to be crazy enough to recognize that they can change the world. — Adam McLane, August 28th 2009 In moments like this I feel like there is little I can do. While I would love to hop on a plane and […]

  • Greater things…

    I think the visuals of this version of the song, coupled with the history of Northern Ireland… really adds the significance and desperation needed for this song. Greater things are needed in the city. For those of us in ministry, the real question this song brings to the forefront is one of priorities. Will 2010 […]

  • Set the 2010 Agenda

    In 6 weeks it will be 2010. And as many pastors climb into the pulpit on January 3rd, 2010 they will give the annual State of the church message, as well as a road map of the 2010 church agenda. Lots of churches do this. The first weekend in January is perfect for it as […]

  • Change without compromise: The Gospel

    Today is my last time speaking at Romeo as a staff member. It’s a fun way to go out. So, chances are if you are reading this you won’t be one of the people in the congregation this morning. With that said, I’m enclosing my morning notes to the message. Here are my speaking notes […]