Tilt Your Perspective to See Things Differently

Tilt your perspective to see things differently. 

Pakistan to Siberia in a straight line without touching land. I had to watch that video 3 times to get how it’s possible.

Left on its normal axis you’d never see it. But tilt the globe a little and you start to see things you never saw before.

Axiom: Step away from your challenges long enough to gain a fresh perspective.

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Our Vision for Our Community

I’ve had this video ready for a couple of weeks. Below is a description video for our churches vision.

Since I already had a couple of people ask me how I made the video, here are the details.
– Obviously, the animation is from Google Earth. I set up the points as a tour and clicked through when it came time to record. (Just timed it out in my head)
– I recorded the Google Earth presentation using IShowU. This is a simple video screen capture tool available for OSX.
– I used the Google Earth video as the background in Adobe Premier.
– I did the voice over at the sound board at church. I recorded it using Garage Band, using some effects to make my voice more “voice over” quality.
– The rest is just done in Premier. Titles, video layers, etc.

It was a lot of steps. But I was pleased with the results. The fun part was doing some parts of the project in Premier (PC) and some with Garage Band and IShowU. (Mac) Before I started I actually took the time to make a project list… which helped me keep all of the parts in the right place.

Where did the idea come from? I saw a video similar to this on Granger Community Church’s website. I based the outline of the script on that video as well as the idea of using Google Earth as the animation tool. Anything beyond the concept I came up with. It was a fun project!

Since I’m sharing videos, here is the bumper video we made for the service too.

Someone asked me today how long these videos take. Here’s a ballpark.
Our Vision for Our Community: 20ish hours. (Conception through completion)
Lean In Bumper Video: about 1 hour (Conception through completion)

Romeo News

Videos, blue keys, and more…

blue keysMy basement is a fan of Blue Man Group right now. Hanging from the rafters are tons of chunks of metal with a fresh coat of blue enamel on them… drip drying.

I spent about half of my week making a video for Sunday’s service.

We called in some favors this week to get some “wow” stuff.

Jimmy has learned a brand new song just for this service. It’s amazing.

Bob is completely jazzed about his message.

Why all the fuss? This week’s service will be unmissable. Seriously, I know they are calling for ice and rain tonight… but you need to know this service will be worth ice skating, snowshoeing, or whatever it takes to get there.

I’ve been at Romeo almost 5 years. And I’ve gotten fired up about some Sunday’s. This one ranks right up there. The word all week we’ve used is “Killer.” I think this service will be killer.

If you’ve never joined us at Romeo: This is going to be the perfect jumping in point. If you come Sunday, you’ll leave knowing exactly who we are, what we’re all about, and why we do what we do.