Our Vision for Our Community

I’ve had this video ready for a couple of weeks. Below is a description video for our churches vision.

Since I already had a couple of people ask me how I made the video, here are the details.
– Obviously, the animation is from Google Earth. I set up the points as a tour and clicked through when it came time to record. (Just timed it out in my head)
– I recorded the Google Earth presentation using IShowU. This is a simple video screen capture tool available for OSX.
– I used the Google Earth video as the background in Adobe Premier.
– I did the voice over at the sound board at church. I recorded it using Garage Band, using some effects to make my voice more “voice over” quality.
– The rest is just done in Premier. Titles, video layers, etc.

It was a lot of steps. But I was pleased with the results. The fun part was doing some parts of the project in Premier (PC) and some with Garage Band and IShowU. (Mac) Before I started I actually took the time to make a project list… which helped me keep all of the parts in the right place.

Where did the idea come from? I saw a video similar to this on Granger Community Church’s website. I based the outline of the script on that video as well as the idea of using Google Earth as the animation tool. Anything beyond the concept I came up with. It was a fun project!

Since I’m sharing videos, here is the bumper video we made for the service too.

Someone asked me today how long these videos take. Here’s a ballpark.
Our Vision for Our Community: 20ish hours. (Conception through completion)
Lean In Bumper Video: about 1 hour (Conception through completion)


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