I’ve been feeling introspective lately. What does this mean? Why do I do that? The questions go on and on. And I’m pretty sure it has everything to do with not being a full time pastor anymore. I can feel myself wondering, “Who are you anyway?”  Whereas a few weeks ago I was all wrapped up…… Continue reading Sushi

A Satanic Wii Title

Here is a little insight into my strange sense of humor. During today’s message Bob talked about Ephesian believers who, as an act of obedience, burned their magic books. To apply that to our people Bob suggested that believers not read horoscopes, got to tarot readers, or use Ouija boards. When he said, Ouija boards……… Continue reading A Satanic Wii Title

What Makes Romeo Different?

We’ve had a lot of visitors lately and I’ve gotten this question a couple of times… “I’ve been to a lot of churches, why does this one feel different?” This was a reminder to me of just how different we do church at Romeo. I don’t mean musical style or programs that we offer… though…… Continue reading What Makes Romeo Different?