A Satanic Wii Title

Wii-JiHere is a little insight into my strange sense of humor. During today’s message Bob talked about Ephesian believers who, as an act of obedience, burned their magic books. To apply that to our people Bob suggested that believers not read horoscopes, got to tarot readers, or use Ouija boards. When he said, Ouija boards… my weird sense of humor thought, “I wonder if that’s a game for the Wii yet?” Obviously it isn’t so I made this mock-Wii graphic in Photoshop just for kicks.

Speaking of today’s service… there was a major difference between the first service and second. In between services I heard a loud “bang” come from the projector. The bulb had exploded and we didn’t have the time to change it before the 11:00 AM service. Believe it or not, we actually had a plan for that because we knew it would one day happen. I was very proud of our team who adapted to the problems and managed to deliver a fantastic service. Bob and Jimmy earned some stars. Kudos to them as they reacted beautifully.

For me, today’s service was a reminder that it isn’t about how well you use technology. It’s about bringing a heart of worship. I know that in my mind… today was a tangible in-your-face reminder from God. I love it when God does that!





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