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  • A Satanic Wii Title

    Here is a little insight into my strange sense of humor. During today’s message Bob talked about Ephesian believers who, as an act of obedience, burned their magic books. To apply that to our people Bob suggested that believers not read horoscopes, got to tarot readers, or use Ouija boards. When he said, Ouija boards……

  • The boys rule the Wii

    As Kristen mentioned, yesterday we had a Wii bowling competition in our family. 4 competitors, 4 controllers, boys vs. girls. The entire game Paul (4) is talking mega-smack to mommy and Megan (6). We are all pretty good at bowling, but Megan and I are the best. I routinely get above 200 and Megan averages…

  • Looking for a Wii for Christmas?

    Jason, the Fun Monkey himself, has the ultimate Christmas present for sale on Craigslist. It’s got a brand new Wii, Guitar Hero III and about 20 games. Here’s the link.